The Razorbacks

Welcome to the Swinburne Hockey Club website! Here you will find information about the club, information for players and how to get into contact if you are interested in joining

Our club not only consists of current and former Swinburne University students, but also of many other individuals who have an interest in playing competitive hockey for a friendly club with a great social atmosphere. We like to organise a lot of social events to help keep the newer players and club stalwarts mingling, but there is no pressure to be involved in this scene if you are only interested in being a part of the club to play hockey.

We currently have enough members to support two Women’s and two Men’s teams during the standard winter competition, but we are always on the lookout for new players. If you are an experienced player looking to play for a welcoming club, or somebody who has never held hockey stick in their hand before, we are interested in having you join us out on the field.